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Musings of a Stranger

fanfiction journal for starriheavens

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Hello! This is the fic journal of starriheavens. This journal is also pretty much dead as I am no longer active in any fandom.

Currently, I am writing...
Original fiction.

About me:
I am currently pursuing my M.S. in Chemistry.
I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, watching anime, watching jdrama, and watching various music shows, etc.
My goal in life is to use fiction to teach chemistry; everything I do now is just a stepping stone to the re-culturing of society so people are no longer scared of the pure sciences.
I like watching wank happen on hate memes and various communities; I don't like it on my fic journal or my personal journal. If you have something to say, say it clearly and don't be a jerk about it.
I adore concrit; if you don't like something I wrote, let me know, and let me know how I can improve! :) I'm also up for long conversations about writing, my writing and writing in general.

About this journal:
This is a journal for the posting of fanfiction and occasionally original fiction. There is a Masterlist of Fandoms that I have written fic for here at the welcome page. Additionally, everything is tagged obsessively by fandom, genre, rating, length, and pairing. You can navigate this journal through the fic lists or through tags (I personally recommend the fic list).

Regarding Locked Stories: Some fics may be friend-locked. These are labeled as such on the fic list. If they are, and you want to read them, please just comment here and I will friend you so you can read them. While friending me first is appreciated, it is not necessary. I will not friend you back without a comment due to the fact that I do post original fic and works of progress under a friends lock and I am not comfortable sharing those stories with people who only wish to follow my completed stories. If you are only interested in my fanfiction and completed work, then you do not need me to friend you back. Works in progress are usually friends-locked because I will continuously edit the work. Anything under a friends-lock will not be cross-posted outside of this journal, so you will never be linked to a friends-locked post.

Regarding Betaing:
I do not actually have a beta. I proof-read and edit my work myself, and often ask various friends to read through my stories before cross-posting just for coherency but if anybody's open to being a sounding-board/beta on a more permanent basis, that would be very nice. :)

Regarding Feedback:
Con-crit is always appreciated ♥. Always.

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