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Jpop Fic List

Jpop Fanfiction is listed here. I primarily write KAT-TUN with various other JE boybands involved.

Note: Some fics may be friend-locked. If they are, and you want to read them, please just comment at the masterpost here and I will friend you so you can read them. While friending me first is appreciated, it is not necessary. I will not friend you back without a comment due to the fact that I do post original fic and works of progress under a friends lock. If you are only interested in my fanfiction and completed work, then you do not need me to friend you back. Works in progress are usually friends-locked because I will continuously edit the work. Anything under a friends-lock will not be cross-posted outside of this journal, so you will never be linked to a friends-locked post.

Fic List: (Updated: February 18, 2013)
I have written several pieces that I call "masterworks." They are pieces that I consider a reflection of the highest level of writing I was capable of at that time, be it in terms of plot content of stylistics. These are marked with an asterisk.
Johnny's and Associates

Even Juniors get Tired A Shounen Club Special // Crack // G // Shounen Club decides that they're going to put on a KAT-TUN medley. Johnny's Juniors have not-so-varied reactions. (Junior centric)

WTFERY or, How the PiKame fight really should have been like // Crack // PG-13 for profanity // Kame and Yamapi have a fight in the park. (Kame + Yamapi centric)

The Real Reason Kusano Left JE // Crack // G/PG // The Real Reason Kusano Left JE (Kusano-centric); Originally written for the JE AU Meme prompt: the real reason why Kusano left JE was because he was pregnant, a vampire, or both

Academic Decisions // Crack // PG // Kame decides to get a PhD; (KAT-TUN centric)

Your Heart's Jewel // Angst // G // On Hiromi Goto and what it means to play violin (Hiromi Goto/Violin kid in Question?-centric)

Social Networking // Crack // PG-13 // NEWS, on Facebook, as explained through Ryo. “I want real food, not fake food on the internet. FML,” Nishikido writes after he has ten requests from Massu and he no longer has the heart to keep ignoring them. // Koyama fucking likes his status. Massu comments with a bright: “Me too!!! :D” // Tegoshi not only likes his status, but he likes Massu's comment too. He also comments with a row of “???” (NEWS-centric)

Keeping Friends (Too) Close // Crack // PG // KAT-TUN are close. Maybe a little too close. (KAT-TUN-centric)

Belief // General/Angst // PG // "I'm glad we're friends (Kamenashi/Taguchi)

Going West // Gen // PG // One day Kame wakes up and the sky is red (KAT-TUN-centric)

This Life // Fluff // PG // 4 semi-interconnected super-shorts of 50, 100, 150, and 200 words respectively on Kamenashi and Taguchi and their relationship. “Are you allergic to your clothes?” (Kamenashi/Taguchi)

Just Love Yourself // Gen/Angst // G // Jin Leaves KAT-TUN. (Akame if you tilt your head and squint)

It Started With a Kiss as R(E)I; virdant and reiicharu// Crack // PG // Kamenashi starts to expect the unexpected (Kamenashi/Taguchi)

If you aren't part of the solution... // Crack // G // Equilibrium changes (Kamenashi/reiicharu // For reiicharu because she asked for it.


ACSSA meets KAT-TUN or: How KAT-TUN Stopped Fighting // Crack // G // KAT-TUN meets The Lactones, a bunch of Chemistry Students Who Decided To Form A Band. (KAT-TUN centric)

A Helping Hand // General/Fluff // PG // During Nobuta, Kame's stressed out and Yamapi tries to help. (Pikame); Originally written for the Summer Kiss Meme

Girl Talk // AU/Crack // PG // In 1962, Mary Kitagawa launched her first girl-group, Marys. Now, girl-groups under record label Mary's and Associates engage in some girl talk. (Features KAT-TUN, NewS, Arashi, KinKi Kids, and Hey! Say! JMUMP)

Gotta Catch 'em All // AU/Crack/pokemon crossover // PG // Having just turned twenty, Marisu was eligible to go out in the world as a Boyband Trainer and train a team of Boyband Members to create the perfect Boyband and delete the Four Senpai Groups in all of Kanto. (Arashi + Ikuta Toma-centric; includes original characters as boyband trainers)

*Like Crystal // General // R // “I’ll tell the producers that you’re not feeling very well, Nakamaru-kun.” Nakamaru believes that everything will be alright. Maybe everything will be alright. Maybe everything won't. (Nakamaru/Taguchi); Originally written for elizajet on je_squickfic and posted here.

Life Like Crystal // General // R // “Anything you want to tell us?” // Nakamaru shook his head. “Just tired, I guess.” (Nakamaru-centric, featuring KAT-TUN and Koyama) This story is the chronological version of Like Crystal

Competition // AU/Post-modernism // PG-13 // Shige gets kidnapped. (Kamenashi, Matsumoto, Yamashita, Taguchi, Ninomiya, Akanishi, and Shige-centric. Post-modern.)

From the desk of Nakamaru Yuichi: CHANGE UR KEYBOARDS // Crack // PG // Nakamaru has a very important message to spread. (KAT-TUN centric, based off of the CHANGE UR WORLD PV)

The Day Aliens Invaded China // Crack / Gen // PG-13 // Kame's Life is Clearly Hard. With Capitals. // Written for jent_bigbang with reiicharu. Art by ravyn_ashling.

*Finding Home // Gen // PG // Taguchi, a cis-male, wakes up to realize his body is now female. Kamenashi, who's always thought of himself as a cis-male, realizes that maybe he isn't. The two of them move towards understanding. (Implied Kamenashi/Taguchi; mentions of Taguchi/Komine Rena) // Please read warnings and notes.

Legalities // Dystopia/Gen // PG // Koyama discusses the marriage of Shige's daughter. Shige panics. // Remix of The Importance of Being Legal by reiicharu

KAT-TUN Sings in Chest Voice // AU/Crack/Gen // PG // “In the interest of increasing your sex appeal, we have decided to have you all sing in chest voice.” // help_japan fic for Mikachi

To Walk the Higher Road // AU/Gen/Angst // PG // Taguchi says, “I promised you 200%, Kazuya.” Sometimes, decisions have long-standing repercussions. // This story is probably best read when you understand the basic premise: Taguchi is one of the frontman of KAT-TUN.



Hitman!AU // AU / Gen // (KAT-TUN centric, with mentions of NEWS, Hey! Say! Jump // Originally a response for the JE AU Meme, it's since spawned remixes and off-shoots.
The following stories are listed in suggested-reading order
The Choices We Make // AU/General // PG-13 // Junno is a hitman. Nakamaru is an undercover cop. (Nakamaru/Taguchi centric, with the rest of KAT-TUN and mentions of NewS); Originally written for the JE AU Meme

Like Flowers Blooming // AU/General // PG-13 // Hitman!AU side-story / Kame's favorite way to leave notes is through brightly-colored post-its. (KAT-TUN-centric minus Nakamaru)

We'll End it on Our Terms // AU / General // R // Hitman!AU side-story / Before Kiritani Shuuji, there was a boy named Kamenashi Kazuya who liked to play pretend. (Taguchi/Kamenashi); For reiicharu for Christmas 2012.

Within These Voices by reiicharu // AU / remix // PG-13 // Hitman!AU side-story / Taguchi lies, Kame sees through it. Nothing really is about them, perhaps that’s the problem.


UCSD!AU // Various genres // (KAT-TUN centric, with mentions of NewS, Arashi, Kinki Kids; non-explicit mentions of SMAP [try to find them, I dare you]; and Kanjani8, Hey!Say!JUMP!, and Tacky & Tsubasa in my head.) // Originally a one-shot derived from late night musings about what would happen if KAT-TUN were Chemistry majors which then turned into what would be true if they were chemistry majors in UCSD which then resulted in the rest of JE jumping on the bandwagon. Probably one of my more favorite universes to muddle around with, because I get to talk about chemistry.
(The following stories are listed in suggested reading order)
Five things that would be true if KAT-TUN were Chemistry Majors // Gen // PG-13 // Taguchi smiles so his eyes curve into crescents and asks in a whisper loud enough for the professor in the front to hear, “In LA, did you do it on a table periodically?”
Admit Day // Gen // PG // KAT-TUN plays with dangerous chemicals tries to persuade new admits to attend their school.
Don't: // Gen // PG-13 // Akanishi smiles, a madman’s smile. “It scares you too, doesn’t it? Everything will kill you.... Some things just kill you faster.” Slice-of-life one-shot regarding organic chemistry labs and safety.
The Progression of Familiarity // Gen (PiKame) // G/PG // Kazuya and Tomohisa had been in the same middle school years ago; Kazuya had been prone to overworking even then, and Tomohisa would sit with him and they would study middle school chemistry and physics and biology together, talking about how nervous they are about clicking strikers.
Joker in the Hood // Crack // G // Kame, Koki, and Ueda talk in the five minutes between entering 6BL lab and actually starting to do your work.
Too Late // General / (UCSD!AU AU) // PG-13 // Maybe he'll change his major, drop the pre-med, drop the minor, graduate in five years, let his GPA plummet and watch med-school slip out of his grasp. (Kame/Yamapi-centric, mentions of Akanishi Jin. Read warnings before the story)


*The Question of Nobuta [Complete] // AU; Dystopia // PG-13/R // See each chapter for individual warnings // “There's supposed to be a rogue program or something,” Ueda explained. He could hear Junno's voice in his ear whispering, NOBUTA; the program's name is NOBUTA. (KAT-TUN centric, mentions of NewS, Arashi, and Hey! Say! JUMP!)
Pre-reading notes
Week 1: NOBUTA // Kamenashi and Yamashita weren't friends, just strangers who occasionally drugged themselves out of their brains together. Kamenashi would watch Yamashita take his dose, keeping a careful wary eye on the older man as eyes rolled back and fingers spasmed and his entire body relaxed into lax comfort.
Week 2: Kouji // “Nii-san, it's me! How can you not recognize your own brother?” / Kame pulled up the ID again. “Kiritani Kouji-kun,” he read off the data scrolling along his eyes. Hair color, eye color, height weight. Nothing to connect the boy to Kamenashi Kazuya. He frowned at the boy. “Who am I then?” / Kouji smiled. “Is this a trick or something? Shouldn't you know your own name, Nii-san? You're Kiritani Shuji, of course.”
Week 3: Mariko // “Avatar Uehara Mariko was wandering around sever 520 today. She obstructed vital Maintenance investigation. Regarding NOBUTA.”
Week 4: Nobuko // “Hey,” Kouji said, reaching forward and poking Kame on the arm. “That friend if yours. Is her name NOBUTA?” // Kame put the coffee down. It clanked against the wooden table loudly, the liquid sloshing violently. “Don’t call her Nobuta.”
Week 5: Shuji to Akira // “I am Akira,” Yamapi confirmed. “Just like you are Shuji. You can't produce NOBUTA without people to define her.”
Post-Completion Meta // The Question of Nobuta wasn't supposed to have a plot

Virtual Reality // AU; Dystopia // PG-13 // “What do you know about the Ariake swindlings?” Ninomiya, faced with an oppressive Management, begins his form of rebellion. (Arashi, implied Matsumiya) // Originally written for ryogrande for je_holiday here.


Music of the Spheres
Music of the Spheres is a study on the Original (Female) Character Genre in J&A fandom written by reiicharu and virdant. Each story is told from a separate person's point of view, and reflects a different concept. Music of the Spheres is R-rated at most, but in general is PG-13. Consult each story for individual warnings.

BrightSTAR by reiicharu
Yamapi nearly runs someone over with his car. Fate decides to laugh at him.
Twinkle Twinkle by virdant
“You shouldn’t give out your number to strangers when you’re actually an idol, Taguchi-kun. It’s like Schrodinger's cat. You don’t know if bad stuff or good stuff will happen until it happens.”
Traveler in the Dark
Champagne Supernova
Star Stuff


References Johnny's and Associates:
Series: The War of the Boybands (as waged by their fans) An original story that references various Jpop and Kpop boybands
The Epik "My Boyband is Totally Better than Yours" Battle // gen-fic / humor / crack (?) // G // One van. Nine girls. Fans (of various boybands). This is the result.
The Quest to Convert Chiharu // gen-fic / humor / crack (?) // G // The fight for Chiharu has begun // How it all Began // Part 1: Jessica vs. Sakura // Interlude: An Honest Discussion //

Drabbles / Super-shorts:
Mother Always Knows Best // AU, Crack (Death Note crossover) // G // Yagami Light joins Johnny's Entertainment.

Tohoshinki fanfiction is located in the Kpop fic list under DBSK.
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